Another new soundclip

This one is actually from last year. It's an excerpt from a live performance of JS Bach's Wedge Fugue in E minor at the Bach Marathon in Allentown in spring of 2004. (I don't have control over where these appear on the page--it came up at the bottom, so you have to scroll all the way down on the soundclip page to find it.) I put it up because this performance was the beginning of my rethinking of technique. The fingerings for this performance were derived straight out of CPE Bach's treatise, and they were so comfortable and expressive that I decided to explore further. Bach lived in a time of transition, so the fingerings are not exactly early but not exactly modern either. There are no 3-4-3-4 fingerings in the scales, but there is plenty of 1-1-1 and other "hopping" at various places. It is entirely possible to use old fingerings at modern AGO style consoles.

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